The Earth Times works with a group of environmental journalists and bloggers; these writers add unique environmental news, information, opinion, green blogs and features to the site.

To introduce you to some of these writers each have their own page on with brief biography and introduction. You can navigate to the individual author page of your choice, contact an author or follow a specific writer via their own RSS feed.

Claire Dunn

Chris Keenan

Ines Morales

Adrian Bishop

Dave Armstrong

Linden Volsun

Dave Collier

Dale Kiefer

Angela Lovell

Peter Schofield

Ksenya Kopilovsky

Jessica Allan

Vita Sgardello

Lea Sibbel

David Vranicar

Michael Clark

Tara Lynne Groth

Gracie Valena

Mario Balzan

Melanie J. Martin

Brooke Janssens

Helen Roddis

Nikki Bruce

Nick St Clair

Laura Brown

Tamara Croes

Nicolette Smith

Laura Goodall

Kieran Ball

Colin Ricketts

Martin Leggett

Ruth Hendry

Eric M. Keen

Rachel England

Astrid Madsen

Julian Jackson

Louise Murray

Emma McNeil

Lucy Brake

Lynn Parr

Benjamin Kerry

James Mathews

Dave Armstrong

Peter Kahare

Mike Campbell

Michelle Simon

David Hewitt

Paromita Pain

Kirsten E. Silven

Michael Evans

Simon Kent

John Dean

Steve Humphreys

Ian Youngman

Louise Saunders

Lindsey Bowers

Andy Tillett

Natalie Hummel

Jason Remnant (Editor-in-chief)

Paul Robinson (Executive Editor)