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O'Sun Nomad portable solar light system

By Adrian Bishop - 16 Jul 2012 7:47:13 GMT
O'Sun Nomad portable solar light system

"NOMAD portable solar light system; Credit: © Alain Gilles/O'SUN

The O'SUN NOMAD solar lighting system can provide up to six hours off high-intensity light when fully charged.

The portable and rechargeable lamp can be used to provide a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin or kerosene lamps in developing nations that can cause accidents. It is also an ideal light source for emergency situations, including natural, environmental or human disasters.

The lamp, which is designed by Belgian Alain Gilles, developed by Swiss engineers and produced by O'SUN, can also be used as an eco-friendly garden and outdoor light.

The O'SUN NOMAD solar lamp can be charged through a solar panel and mains adapter or car cigarette lighter, if available.

NOMAD portable solar light system useage

NOMAD portable solar light system; Credit: © Alain Gilles/O'SUN

The user-friendly lamp is controlled using a single push button and its light source is protected by a silicone disc, so it can be placed on the ground. The disc also stops it falling from a table.

The lamp, which measures 32cm high x 15 cm wide and weighs 680 grams, comes with a handle so it can be safely carried, hung on a wall or used to provide overhead lighting. Should it fall, it is shock-resistant within set limits.

The rainproof lamp's watt solar panel charger can be fitted on walls without the use of tools. A full recharge takes six hours.

The NOMAD uses a system of 12 LED lights, as they are long lasting, and generates 280 lumen and provides 2.2 watts, which is the same power as a 40-watt incandescent light bulb diffused over a 16 square metre radius.

NOMAD portable solar light system range

NOMAD portable solar light system; Credit: © Alain Gilles/O'SUN

It has three light power settings. On half-power, the light can last 12 hours, plus another hour of power reserve at 15%, or up to 35hours at 15% power.

Its two li-on rechargeable batteries can be changed and recovered thorough approved distributors.

O'SUN was launched at the start of 2011 to design an innovative range of portable solar light systems and accessories that can be used anywhere in the world.

The company has set-up the Starlight Project to assist villages that cannot connect to the electricity grid, and provide and install solar lamps.

The projects are financed by product sales and are detailed on the O'SUN website.

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