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The worst of climate change conferences?

By JW Dowey - 16 Nov 2013 12:45:0 GMT
The worst of climate change conferences?

Even the British PM, David Cameron, has come out to link the Philippines typhoon damage with climate change. Here on Apo Island, the landscape has drastically changed for this idyllic spot; Apo image; Credit: © Shutterstock

It’s understandable if your population simply cannot tolerate nuclear, or if you have a large indigenous supply of fossil fuel! Or is it?

With the latest disclosure that Japan is to abandon its energy goals for 2020(even the island states in AOSIS said the move was, “a huge step backwards”), fury has erupted at the UNFCCC Warsaw conference on climate change and worldwide. Canada has already taken umbrage at the criticism of its tar sand exploits; they are also supporting Australian carbon tax repeal and doubtless by the conference hosts, Poland, too. To attempt to address the world’s climate change problem with such petty self-interest is near-impossible. Today, Climate Asia is examining an approach to youth I attempts to combat climate change attitudes.

The environmental necessity is to cut emissions from coal, gas, oil and all other burning operations that create our electrical power remains. It is the younger countries and the small island nations that need the most help. As the developed nations already have a financial set of problems, it should be relatively easy to manipulate some progress towards less carbon dioxide production without trying to squeeze out false economic arguments. The cost of global warming, on food production, flooding and loss of industrial production is certain to be more than making a few early adjustments. Countries that try and leave the cuts until another government takes over or the financial crunch is completely over will have a higher cost to pay. An early start is the universal solution to any problem as big as this one.

The negative Canadian attitude echoes the infamous attempt by Australia to rip the guts out of its climate policy by failing to apply “green charge” on its top 300 polluters. Aussie PM, Tony Abbott , repealed the carbon tax on Wednesday, beginning a tortuous twisting of climate defaulters at the Warsaw talks. A “Direct Action Plan,” seems likely to water down any greening of the island continent. Remember it has a Red Centre!

Japan has joined in the general disarray with a necessary and popular block of all things nuclear, limiting its slowdown on the carbon economy; Canada exports more carbon rubbish than almost any other nation; who knows who will twitch next in this new game of dodge the carbon?