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Safe Cosmetics for Eco-Conscious Consumers

By Kirsten E. Silven - 17 Dec 2010 8:10:1 GMT
Safe Cosmetics for Eco-Conscious Consumers

There is little public information available to explain the dangers of some of the ingredients that go into common beauty products. Luckily, a variety of safe cosmetics for eco-conscious consumers have been created by companies that are aware of the dangers present in many of the world's most popular brand names.

Today, there are more and more manufacturers who have realized the need for greener cosmetics, and retailers are stocking their shelves with these safer alternatives.  To determine whether your chosen brand is making positive steps to safeguard the planet (and your health) look for USDA Organic certification. These are products that avoid using toxins completely.

Many products will use the words 'organic' and/or 'natural' on their packaging, but it is not always true.  You will need to do further investigation by reading the label or visiting the website of any cosmetics brand to discover if they are truly 'green.'

Skin care has already jumped onto the organic bandwagon, and there are many skin friendly cleansers, moisturizers and creams available that use all natural plant extracts.  The cosmetics industry has been slow to follow, however it appears that they are beginning to take notice and get on board.

This is partly due to women making a stand and demanding that this issue is addressed.  The reading of labels is becoming far more common as the public becomes less trusting of the items they are purchasing. In recent years a number of investigations into the creation of cosmetics has revealed the frequent use of some particularly nasty chemicals. These include mercury, lead and petroleum, to name only a few.

The fact that millions of women apply makeup to their face at least once a day makes these toxins even more upsetting.  These harmful chemicals can cause a variety of health problems and consumers are now demanding that alternatives be made readily available.

Many independent cosmetic companies are responding to this call by introducing one hundred percent natural makeup lines. It is now possible to purchase organic mascara and lip-gloss, as well as mineral foundations and eye shadows.

When you read cosmetics labels, you should look for skin and earth friendly content, such as beeswax, aloe, marshmallow and many varieties of essential oils, which replace the need for petroleum.

Lip and cheek tints can be found in a variety of shades, and replace the need to settle for lead or mercury based lipsticks and blushes. The beauty of the all natural goods is that they are a lot kinder to your skin.  This means that all skin types can use them without fear of irritation, stinging or rashes.

There are a variety of social-awareness campaigns today that are organizing events to shed light on the need for more regulation to be applied to the manufacturing of cosmetics.  Furthermore, they are trying to raise awareness among women, since many are still oblivious to the toxins that can be found lucking in their makeup collections.

In short, stick to products that use only genuine organic extracts. If you wish to encourage this positive movement in offering more eco-friendly cosmetic choices, it is important to show your support and to spread the word among friends and family.