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Safe Children's Toys for Eco-Conscious Parents

By Kirsten E. Silven - 16 Dec 2010 16:25:34 GMT
Safe Children's Toys for Eco-Conscious Parents

A great way to encourage the next generation to be aware about their impact on the environment is to start the learning process from an early age. Safe children's toys for eco-conscious parents are more common in the marketplace, which not only improves the world we live in, but also provides a healthier choice.

Second hand toys are a good way to start recycling, but you should be aware of the type of materials that were used in the production process. Older toys may have been coated with lead paint, for example, which is a carcinogen and should never be put into the hands of children.

Lead paint is still used today, but the levels are kept below 0.6 percent to pass safety standards.  It is far better to avoid this type of paint content altogether, however.  If there is a high level of lead in the bloodstream it can lead to headaches, blood poisoning, hearing problems and brain damage – to name only a few!

Younger toddlers and infants will instinctively put anything they can into their mouths.  This is a way to investigate the object and see what it tastes like.  Plastics are a common toy material, yet some of them have been produced with toxic chemicals and can contribute to the levels of these substances in your child's system. These poisons can lead to reproductive problems in later life, as well as different cancers and kidney damage.

PVC is one of the worst materials that is used far too commonly in play equipment and other items children come into regular contact with. The composition of these chemicals is unstable, which leads to toxins leaking into the child's bloodstream when they chew or suck on the product.

Luckily, it is possible to source eco-friendly toys, and the market is constantly growing due to calls from concerned parents. When you shop for toys, take a look at the resources that have been used. Choose natural fiber dolls and soft toys that have been created using organic cottons, hemp and bamboo materials.

Wood is another eco-friendly option that can be considered, but make sure that the wood is sourced from a sustainably managed forest.  This will ensure that, for each tree cut down and used, others are planted in its place. The future of our forests and wildlife depends upon these vital projects, and it helps us maintain a healthy, greener planet.

Choosing to buy fair trade items means you can make sure the toy makers receive fair payment for their hard work.  Many websites sell only environmentally friendly toys and baby equipment, which can be a great way to shop globally, or to discover local shops that have a good stock of green toys.

Today, you can easily find teethers and a wide variety of soft toys for small babies that have no harmful chemicals.  Toddlers love the more active games and toys, like wooden garages and dollhouses, which are always popular and spark the imagination.

There are a wide variety of eco-friendly toys to choose from, which means it has never been easier to give your children high quality, safe toys.  By doing so, you can relax knowing that your child is safe from toxins, and that you are setting a good example for eco-friendly living.