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The Projecting Change Festival Schedule

By Email author - Fri, 27 May 2011 11:35:00 GMT
The Projecting Change Festival Schedule

Beginning today, May 27th and continuing through the weekend until Sunday May 29th, the Projecting Change Festival will be showing 15 films and having lively discussions with over 20 speakers.  The films will be shown at the SFU Woodwards campus in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

On tap will be the following films:

1. What's On Your Plate: This provocative documentary chronicles the journey of two kids as they explore the politics of food.

2. The Clean Bin Project: Can two people live for an entire year without creating any waste?  This film explores whether this is even possible.

3. Powerful: Energy for everyone: David Chernushenko discusses who controls the energy that we use every day and how we can ensure a safe reliable energy source for the future.

4. Vanishing of the Bees: The mysterious disappearance of honey bees is creating a crisis in agriculture as we know it. Colony Collapse Disorder is discussed and possible answers presented.

5. Social Issue Documentary Workshop: Learn how to make you own social issue documentary film from the experts.

6. Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson: Paul Watson discusses his mission to eliminate poaching from the high seas.

7. Women are Heroes: Legendary French photographer JR captures poverty stricken women who find the courage to fight on with a smile despite overwhelming odds.

8. Urban Roots: This is the story of inner city Detroit citizens learning how to farm in their neighbourhoods.

9. White Water, Black Gold: This investigative piece explores the relationship between Canada's western watersheds and insatiably thirsty oil industry.

10. The Pipe: Irish farmers and fishers protest a new gas pipeline installed by Shell Oil.

11. Living Downstream: One woman's story of cancer and the environment.

12.  Climate of Change: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to combat global warming.

13.  Enjoy your Meal: How Food Changes the World: The ethics behind modern farming.

14.  With My Own Two Wheels: Stories of how bicycles improve lives.

15.  Wade in the Water, Children: Raw filmmaking from a child's perspective on life in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

For more information visit the Projecting Change site.