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Award winning Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Park

By Email author - Sat, 17 Sep 2011 11:30:01 GMT
Award winning Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Park

Supreme Marlborough Award winning Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Park is not only a stunning place to enjoy your holiday but we have created a show case conservation project where we've set up a predator control programme without the use of poisons. This is a time consuming process but we've enjoyed the help of many young volunteers from all over the world.

The project has started about 18 years ago by Brian and Ellen Plaisier, over the years their children Leona and Liam have joined them and are heavily involved now. We started with just a tent and two small sheds but over the years we built our home, a guest house and two cabins.

Tui Nature Reserve

Image Credit: © Tui Nature Reserve

The reserve itself we leave untouched except for taking out as much introduced predators (possums, rats, mice, stoats, weasels, pigs) as we can. The reserve is located on a plateau forest about 180 metres above sea level, with views over the Sounds and the Cook Straight.

After years, the wildlife is thriving and the forest is coming back to its original splendour. On top of the predator control programme we also train dogs to detect predators on the reserve but also surrounding Marlborough Sounds islands.

Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Park

Image Credit: © Tui Nature Reserve

The unique environment of the bush wrapped islands and the beautiful inlets make for an enjoyable trip on the water too. We provide eco tours to the extremely rare King Shag colony (about 500 left) and another tour visits the local Gannet colony.

The Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust is organizing yearly Open Days and will be focussing on conservation and bush skill training both on Tui Nature Reserve and nearby government reserve. Our initial target group is the youth and students but we are also interested in setting up courses for other groups. The course will be tailored for the specific group both in duration and content.

If you like, you can follow us on Facebook or visit our website for more details and information.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

Top Image Credit: Sunset over Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand © naumoid

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