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Seabright Laboratories: Eco-friendly solutions to pest control

By Email author - Sat, 06 Aug 2011 16:18:41 GMT
Seabright Laboratories: Eco-friendly solutions to pest control

Seabright Laboratories is committed to delivering highly effective, earth-friendly pest control solutions, coupled with excellent customer service.

Seabright has helped many homeowners successfully implement pest management programs that are designed for their specific situations. The company's products have been proven to monitor and manage an extensive list of flying, crawling and hopping insects.

Stikem Special is one of Seabright's most amazing products for economical crop and horticultural pest control and management. It is an effective, non toxic method of trapping flying insects that also happens to be very easy to use. It can be applied to plastic and other trap appropriate materials as a way to effectively manage flying and hopping insects en masse.

Seabright also offers a Yellow Panel Trap that is used by the California Department of Food & Agriculture, the US Department of Food & Agriculture and a variety of other groups, such as universities, commercial growers and researchers, to manage the glassy-winged sharpshooter. The trap comes in two types, the Sticky Aphid - which traps aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, froghoppers and moths - and the Sticky Thrips, which traps thrips and leafminers.

Seabright's humane mouse trap is another popular product, which gives animal lovers a peaceful solution to their pesky rodent challenges. A growing number of consumers who are troubled by the killing of animals can use these traps to quickly take care of rodents without killing them. These traps are the ideal alternative to dangerous poison and give the mice a second chance at life. By placing a small amount of peanut butter on a cracker inside of the trap, mice are attracted to enter and the trap door shuts, sensing even the tiniest difference in weight.

When it comes to roach management, Seabright offers bait that they guarantee will eliminate the problem of roaches that comes with a money back guarantee. The baits are specially designed to attract emerging nymphs before they are able to mature and can put an end both to the neverending cycle of re-growth, while also eliminating adult roaches.

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Further details are available via Seabright Laboratories online.

Top Image: Humane mouse trap - Credit: © Seabright Laboratories

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