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Review - Wade in the Water, Children: Life as a Kid in an American Crisis

By Email author - Fri, 27 May 2011 11:25:00 GMT
Review - Wade in the Water, Children: Life as a Kid in an American Crisis

A review of the feature documentary, 'Wade in the Water, Children: Life as a Kid in an American Crisis,' which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Sunday, May 29, 2011.

This organic documentary is about living in New Orleans, post hurricane Katrina, and is a stunning collage of private videos and uncensored interviews with school children as they learn to survive the aftermath of the storm in the violent Central City neighborhoods.

What emerges is a scaldingly hot portrait of what it means to be a child today in the city of New Orleans.

This film grew out of the personal project of two filmmakers who moved to New Orleans to start an art program at one of the first schools to reopen after the devastating hurricane. The students were encouraged to take home one of 15 video cameras to record and creatively express their thoughts on the response to the storm. The students of Singleton Charter School at the YMCA produced results that quickly transcended any art class. With over 300 hours of intense, deeply personal filming, 'Wade in the Water, Children' was created.

The students give us glimpses of totally destroyed neighborhoods, shuttered housing projects, washed out homes and broken families. Their raw and honest footage sheds shocking light on what we discover was a disaster even before Katrina hit the city. The violence they experience is commonplace, there are few role models for kids and resources are practically nonexistent. This original take on the inner city reveals what most adults are afraid to discuss and the footage is so remarkable that it would have been impossible to capture in any conventional way.

Wade in the Water, Children shows us what life in a ravaged city is like through the eyes of its children. This film is stirring up emotions and earning rave reviews as it makes the rounds of film festivals across North America.

Details of the film on the Wade In The Water site.

Top Image Credit: © Jose Gil