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Organic city gardening 'grows' for a reason

By Email author - Sat, 21 May 2011 17:02:00 GMT
Organic city gardening 'grows' for a reason

Organic vegetables and eating healthy are becoming ever more popular in today's world.

To avoid the high prices at the supermarket you can grow your own vegetables even if you live in the city.

By growing your own food you are taking the guess work out of what you put into your body.

You can eliminate harmful chemicals by using organic fertilizers and get the highest nutritional value from what you produce.

By setting up a garden in your backyard or rooftop you can save money, have fun and get healthy.  There are lots of resources at your local library or online if you are new to gardening, anyone can do it.

One of the best types of gardens available, especially in the city, is the raised bed garden. By having a raised bed you can improve soil quality, have a garden within easy reach and grow more than you ever thought possible. Benefits of raised beds include the following:

· Raised beds put your garden within easy arms reach and eliminate back breaking work.

· A raised bed can extend the growing season by converting into a mini green house with just a little modification.

· If you have a disability, you can still garden with a raised bed, as it enables those with mobility issues to reach the plants.

· Raised beds have excellent drainage so it's difficult to overwater.

· Raised beds offer protection for plants from pets and heavy foot traffic.

Once you've got the raised beds in place, one of the best gardens to plant is the 'Three Sisters Garden'.

The three sisters are corn, squash and beans, and were given this nickname by Native Americans because they are so complementary to one another.

The corn grows straight up, acting as a pole for the beans to wrap around. While the corn needs the nitrogen that is found in the soil, the beans take the nitrogen out of the air, so these two plants are a perfect match.

The beans also make the corn stalks stronger, allowing them to withstand high winds and storms.

The squash helps both plants by providing shade and retaining moisture in the soil, while at the same time reducing weeds.