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Nature's Own Solutions organic pest control

By Email author - Wed, 27 Jul 2011 14:32:41 GMT
Nature's Own Solutions organic pest control

Nature's Own Solutions takes their commitment to protecting children and families from the damaging health consequences of pesticides very seriously. The company strives to play an active role in reducing pesticide use and providing and promoting organic alternatives that are both safe and effective.

Nature's Own Solutions promotes Cedar Oil as one effective deterrent against insect invasions. This 100% organic product is safe for both people and the environment.

Cedar Oil allows homeowners to build a protective barrier around the perimeter of their property so that bugs stay out of the yard and consequently, out of your home.

This company aims at reducing and even eliminating the health risks and damaging environmental impacts of toxic pesticides used in homes across America, one location at a time.

The Cedar Oil used by Nature's Own Solutions is specially formulated to control a number of common outdoor pests, including beetles, fleas, mosquitoes, various types of flies, ants, caterpillars, ticks, termites, grub worms, mites and slugs, just to name a few.

The company offers pest control products, lawn food and a variety of other products that are easy to use and 100% organic. Nature's Own Solutions are dedicated to developing products that are safe for pets, children, adults and the environment.

PESTIGATOR™ is another featured product of the company. This highly effective method of eliminating pests is both simple and affordable, causing no harm to people or the planet.

Dave Glassel is the man behind Nature's Own Solutions and has worked for 20 years to develop, manufacture and market organic solutions to pest control that will revolutionize the pest control industry. The company stands behind their products as the best insect control products ever introduced to the modern market.

Priorities for pest control at Nature's Own Solutions include getting organic pest control solutions into day care centers, schools, yards and parks. The company also hopes to reduce unnecessary groundwater contamination by presenting organic alternatives to public gardens, homeowners and working farms. Nature's Own Solutions also aims to inform the public in general about the risks of pesticides and the option of organic alternatives.

For more information, please visit Nature's Own Solutions online.

Top Image Credit: Cockroach © Sergey Toronto