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Keeping your home clean the natural way

By Email author - Fri, 27 May 2011 11:55:00 GMT
Keeping your home clean the natural way

It seems that increasingly there are concerns about the damage that the toxins and chemicals found in our everyday household cleaners are having on our health and the environment. But keeping your home clean doesn't have to cost the Earth or your family's health.

If you look at your household cleaners many of them wouldn't even list the ingredients as there are few requirements for manufacturers to disclose what they have been adding to products.

Chemicals such as Bleach, Ammonia and Phenol are commonly found in a range of household cleaners and it is likely that under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom or by your washing machine are hazardous chemicals just waiting for you to spray them around your home.

Evidence is pointing to problems with these chemicals, such as causing irritations for eyes and skin and breathing difficulties as well as more major health issues with some of these toxins are being linked to cancer and other disorders.

If you are not keen to load your home up with nasty chemicals then what are the alternatives? There are plenty of naturally-based cleaners on the market that are chemical and toxin-free and are actually just as effective. You don't need powerful chemicals to shift a bit of dirt and you would be amazed at what some of the natural ingredients can do.

There is a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website that provides heaps of information about the safety of household products, including the levels of toxins in each product. It is worth a look if you find an ingredient in your cleaner you are not sure about.

So next time you are in the supermarket have a look for the natural cleaners, read the ingredients list and see if you feel a bit more comfortable with taking it home.

The other alternative is to make up an all-natural cleaner yourself. This recipe is totally easy to make and pretty cost effective too. Put 500ml of water into a spray bottle.

Add to this 1 T of Castile soap (you can try the peppermint or the lavender) and 1 T of hydrogen peroxide and mix it up. Then add in about 30 drops of an essential oil that you like the smell of as this will act as a natural anti-bacterial. Then you are ready to keep your home clean the natural way.

Top Image Credit: © Mark Huls