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Innovative Java Wand and Health Tea Wand Eco-Friendly Brewing Tools

By Email author - Fri, 15 Apr 2011 09:00:00 GMT
Innovative Java Wand and Health Tea Wand Eco-Friendly Brewing Tools

The new Wisdom Wands provide an eco-friendly way for coffee and tea drinkers to enjoy their favorite beverages while also protecting the environment from additional waste in landfills - and their teeth from stains associated with consuming these popular drinks.

Every year more than 7.5 billion tons of ground coffee beans and tea winds up in landfills and more than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed.

To combat the waste that is associated with coffee and tea consumption, Wisdom Wands has created an award-winning, eco-friendly alternative that allows personalized, one cup brewing with the award-winning Java Wand and Health Tea Wand.

The Java Wand is an easily portable, French press-type filter that is attached to a durable, handcrafted glass straw.

It is designed to freshly brew and filter ground coffee directly into a cup, which eliminates the need for both coffee filters and coffee makers, as well as the electricity needed to run them.

Similarly, the Health Tea Wand is an equally portable glass strainer that is attached to a glass straw, and is designed to fresh-steep and filter tea leaves, as well as other herbs and infusions, directly into the cup.

These products are gaining additional attention as we learn more about the dangers of exposure to toxicity from consuming products packaged in plastic and gain a greater understanding of the harmful effects of a throwaway society.

According to Nancy Raimondo, president of Wisdom Wands, ''The Java Wand and Health Tea Wand are not only environmentally responsible alternatives to brewing that single cup of tea and coffee, but wisdom wands has focused on eliminating toxins that affect drinkers' health, and most importantly the future sustainability of the Earth's resources.''

Both products are constructed entirely from recyclable and highly durable hand blown glass, and also reduce the amount of tea and coffee that is required to brew a cup, resulting in less waste overall.

''The Wands not only help save natural resources from wasteful use of coffee, tea and materials, but protect the Earth's environment from toxins created by the waste in landfills and electricity use,'' Raimondo stated. ''Coffee and tea drinkers will be astounded at the hundreds of dollars they will save each year by using the wands.''

Dishwasher safe and sold in an attractive, biodegradeable carrying case that includes room to transport coffee or tea, the Wands have also been featured in Modern Hygienist and the annual Dental Products Report and are quickly gaining popularity among dentists for their ability to prevent stains on teeth.

Combine all of this with the fact that the Java and Health Tea Wands offer a healthy alternative to drinking warm liquids out of toxic plastic straws which have been shown to release toxins, and it's easy to see why Wisdom Wands received the Las Vegas Sun's award for innovative products at the World Tea Expo and earned the Best in Show award at the Californa Gift Show.