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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Farming!

By Email author - Tue, 19 Apr 2011 11:00:00 GMT
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Farming!

Roll-out pre-seeded matts that only require water and sunlight are now popular, and urban projects like Window Farms in New York that promote hydroponic methods in offices and apartments are gaining notoriety.

Even wedding invitations are created on plantable paper.

Recently, a Japanese company launched the Merry Farming gardening kit, which re-purposes bottle caps for container gardens. Beverage bottle caps, typically made of a different polymer than the bottles themselves, are a nuisance to recycling centers.

The caps, which are recyclable as all plastics are, simply cannot be processed at most recycling facilities.

For those that haven't moved over to the reusable stainless steel water bottle camp, there is a new eco-friendly way to re-use your plastic bottle caps. Now these once wasteful pieces have a new life.

Merry Farming is a kit that provides compressed, soil tablets designed to fit bottle caps. The kits come with herb seeds, so not only will the plants grant a little greenery to one's living space, but they'll also spice up the kitchen with a little flavor.

The tablets work well for any gardener. Small spaces can benefit from the mini container gardens, and children can use the kits to learn the basics of gardening with very little cleanup since the soil and seeds are already compact and waiting for a little sun and water.

Plus, multi-colored caps give an indoor garden a modern, contemporary flair. The bottle caps are an ideal first step for germinating seeds, and after the herbs are large enough to transport to a larger container garden, the caps can be reused over again with more compressed soil tablets from the Merry Gardening Kit.

If the herbs currently offered by the Merry Gardening Kit don't whet your appetite, you won't have to wait long for more flavors. The kit makers are planning on announcing a variety of other seeds soon.

So when you drop a plastic bottle in a recycle bin and you're about to toss your plastic bottle cap in the trash-stop, grab your Merry Gardening Kit and grow a mini garden. Image courtesy of