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The great debate about nappies

By Email author - Wed, 11 May 2011 17:15:00 GMT
The great debate about nappies

Millions of disposable nappies (diapers) end up in landfills every year and this can be avoided by using washable nappies, which are just as effective.

Washable or re-useable nappies have come an awfully long way since our parents used them. No longer do you need great big squares of thick material and giant safety pins to clip them all together.

Today using a washable nappy is just as easy as using disposable ones, but you just wash them and reuse them instead of sending them straight to the landfill.

Whilst you will pay a higher upfront cost for initially buying the washable nappies, the long term savings will be significant and if you end up having more than one child, the savings continue.

Modern washable nappies come with fitted leg openings, easy to use inserts, biodegradable liners you can flush down the toilet and simple to use poppers or Velcro strips.

The debate over whether disposable or washable nappies are better for the environment continues to rage. There are, of course, costs and impacts from using washable nappies and washing and drying the nappies is where most of the negative environmental impacts are found.

But if you are an eco-conscious person and you are aware of these, you can make sure you keep them to a minimum through a number of simple steps.

Using an energy-efficient washing machine is important, as is washing the nappies at a lower temperature.

You can also put washable nappies in with a load of towels or sheets to save running a separate load. These things will save water and power. Remember also to only use eco-friendly washing powder.

If you can't hang nappies up to dry outside, if it is raining or you have no space, then try drying them on a line in the bathroom or in front of a fire. Another option is to pop them on a radiator or heated towel rail as this will be far more efficient than using a tumble dryer.

Using washable nappies is really quite easy but if you are not totally convinced about the ease then you can always mix and match with disposables, such as when you go away for the weekend. Either way you will be doing your part to keep yet more disposable nappies out of our growing landfills.