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Film Review: Urban Roots

By Email author - Thu, 26 May 2011 13:55:00 GMT
Film Review: Urban Roots

A review of the film, Urban Roots, which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

The latest documentary from Tree Media is called Urban Roots and it takes place in the decayed inner city of Detroit Michigan. With the collapse of the auto industry in Detroit and plunging home prices, the film documents a new movement that is taking place, namely that of urban farming.

Urban Roots tells the compelling story of several native inhabitants of Detroit as they get involved in the urban farming movement. They literally transform vacant lots into active producing gardens that provide for their local communities. There are several agricultural programs which the film explores that have cropped up to solve a specific issue. The people involved have become emotionally connected and feel rooted in their city once again. The stories they tell are terrific.

Speaking at the film's premier will be author and designer David Tracey and agrologist Arzeena Hamir. Tracey writes about ecology in the community and his company 'EcoUrbanist' consults with private and government clients that focus on environmental design. He pays particular attention to the relationship between politics, culture and the environment.

Hamir works as the coordinator for the Richmond Food Security Society, which is a non-profit group that seeks to promote local food sources and farming. She has a BA in Crop Science from Guelph University and a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of London, England. Arzeena brings together this academic background with her real world experience of working as a volunteer for CUSO (Canadian University Service Overseas) in Thailand and later research in India, Bangladesh and Jamaica. Her current efforts with the Richmond Food Security Society in Richmond BC include engaging the local Chinese community in the food security debate.

After the viewing attendees are invited to join a workshop on family-friendly container gardening at the SFU Woodwards location from noon to 2pm. All materials will be supplied.

Details of the film on the Urban Roots site.

Urban Roots Trailer:

Image Credit: © 2011 Tree Media Group. (Urban Roots)