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Film Review: Surfing and Sharks

By Email author - Wed, 22 Jun 2011 07:30:01 GMT
Film Review: Surfing and Sharks

Film Review of "Surfing and Sharks - A Close Encounter in South Africa," which will be shown at the Wavescape Film Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, on December 2011.

The film, "Surfing and Sharks," examines the effects - both locally and internationally - of shark attacks that have taken place at some of South Africa's hottest world class surfing spots. As a documentary, the film follows two local professional surfers, Andrew "Roosta" Lange and Lungani Memani, and delves deep into their history, involvement and personal reflection of shark activity in their daily lives as surfers.

It also investigates the associated infamy among the surfing community that surrounds the 1000km of coast line in South Africa that lies between Durban and Port Elizabeth. Their testimony is cross paneled with a number of shark experts who inform the viewer by using highly educational shark parables that are based on reality.

In addition, the film illustrates the fact that South Africa is home to a number of world class surfing locations, which makes the marine life an intricate part of the region's ecotourism.

The documentary follows the surfers to their local surfing havens, some of which are quite remote and situated far from the more well known hot spots. These hidden destinations are also where many of these surfers live. While they share their familiarity with shark encounters, the surfers also discuss their varying responses to public opinion about shark encounters.

More often than not, sharks promote fear, which is a sentiment that is embraced by Hollywood and the mainstream media, as well as by local folklore. It is a well know fact that every year sharks come in contact with a certain number of people in open water, but never before has such a vibrant area with such a rich history of positive ecotourism been examined from so many diverse points of view. During the course of this film the shark specialists will share their positive insight about the region and how important it is to properly deal with the many sharks that populate the waters of this economically important tourist destination.

For more information, please visit Surfing and Sharks online.

Top Image Credit: © Forgiss