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Film Review - Powerful: Energy for Everyone

By Email author - Fri, 27 May 2011 10:45:00 GMT
Film Review - Powerful: Energy for Everyone

A review of the film, 'Powerful: Energy for Everyone,' which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Friday, May 27, 2011.

A new film from green economy educator David Chernushenko shows us the power of solar energy. By examining our traditional energy sources, who controls them and who profits massively from them, David talks about what will be required to ensure reliable power for the future.

David explores different regions in Europe where renewable energy is being used in such a way that it creates new local jobs and encourages a sense of community. He then takes these concepts back to North America and tries to answer the question of, ''why not here?''

With recent developments in the technology behind renewable energy sources, David shows us how to turn our homes into a power plant that actually contributes energy to the grid.

There is one scene in the film that shows him waking up and starting his day. He has a shower, listens to music, makes coffee and breakfast, does laundry, dishes and eventually turns everything off and leaves for the day.

Pretty typical until you see a view of the power meter outside his house. While he is there running all his equipment it is turning just like yours and mine, but when he leaves the meter slows to a stop and eventually runs in reverse!

This is a very powerful image that will strike pay-dirt with every home owner. David accomplishes this amazing feat with the use of solar panels fixed to the roof above his front door.

In an effort to refute some of the spin of energy lobbies against solar power, David tours the globe to show us what a sustainable energy future might look like. Our current energy consumption is off the charts and we will need to work hard to wean ourselves off of fossil fuel usage.

The transportation sector and industry are addicted to the fossil fuels that pollute our air and are changing the global climate. Energy security is becoming a critical issue in political conflicts around the world.

David shows us what a realistic sustainable future might look like, by dispelling the doom and gloom message of 'big oil' lobbyists but not succumbing to a 'green utopia' that is farfetched. This film will have several local energy experts as presenters after the showing.

Details of the film on the Powerful The Movie site.