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Film Review - Mother: Caring our Way out of the Population Dilemma

By Email author - Fri, 27 May 2011 11:15:00 GMT
Film Review - Mother: Caring our Way out of the Population Dilemma

A review of the film, 'Mother: Caring our Way out of the Population Dilemma,' which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Sunday, May 29, 2011.

The closing night gala of the Projecting Change festival will showcase a new film called, 'Mother: Caring our Way out of the Population Dilemma.'

For the first time in history, the population of the earth is expected to top 7 billion this year. This Malthusian dilemma of increasing need and decreasing resources can only lead to more and more conflict.

The many pressing problems that stem from overpopulation include environmental, social and humanitarian crises that could become overwhelming. This was once the primary problem facing the world and generated much discussion and public debate. No longer. Population growth includes discussions about religion, family planning, sex, economics and gender inequality, all of which most people choose not to talk about.

Despite the advances of new technologies used to increase food production (Green Revolution) there are still nearly 1 billion people suffering from hunger every day. The Green Revolution is predicated on easy access to oil and water, and both resources are increasing in price, limiting their availability for many in the Third World.

The film follows one American mother (Beth) as she traverses the complex issues of over population. In her travels to Africa she meets Zinet, the oldest daughter of a family of 12. Their encounter will change Beth's life forever as she comes face to face with Zinet's courage.

Taking a page from social scientist Riane Eisler, the film aims to educate the audience and show a new, better path for humanity. Overpopulation is seen as a symptom of the domination of men over women.

We must shift the paradigm of man conquering obstacles and replace it with a system of nurturing. The first step to achieving this goal is to educate and raise the status of women worldwide.

After the viewing at SFU Woodwards, there will be an after party at NU Restaurant with speakers, refreshments and live music.

Details of the film on the Mother, The Film site.