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Film Review: Living Downstream

By Email author - Thu, 26 May 2011 14:15:00 GMT
Film Review: Living Downstream

A review of the film, 'Living Downstream,' which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

This film is based on the book of the same name by Sandra Steingraber, PhD. This documentary follows Sandra's journey across North America during the period of one year. During her travels, she struggles to show that there is an environmental connection to increasing cancer rates among men and women.

Herself a cancer survivor, Sandra reveals her private personal struggles and her public quest to shed light on pollution in the environment and it's affect on the human body. During the film we observe how industrial chemicals flow through the ecosystem to deposit themselves in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, and how they enter the body. Many scientists now believe that there is a cancer causing connection between these chemicals and our interaction with the environment in which we find them.

The chemicals 'atrazine' and 'polychlorinated byphenyls' (PCBs) and examined in depth. Atrazine is widely used as an herbicide and PCBs are used by industry all around the world. Several prominent scientists make cameo appearances in the film in an effort to show the connection between a healthy pollution free environment and a healthy human body.

Sandra's deeply personal exploration of her cancer and her journey across the continent shedding light on the environment coincide to produce this wonderful film that emphasises the importance of a healthy land.

After the film there will be a presentation and question and answer period with Environmental Health Educator, Ms. Mae Burrows. She is on the board for the Canadian Cancer Society and is a former director of Toxic Free Canada. In that position, she lead a diverse group to promote the 'Right to Know' legislation that encourages correct and complete labelling, as well as the banning of certain toxic pesticides.

Working directly with communities, unions, governments, school districts and First Nations, Ms Burrows aims to reduce the risk from environmental toxins whereever they may be found.

Details of the film on the Living Downstream site.

Living Downstream Trailer:


Top Image: Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. Credit: © Benjamin Gervais / The PPC