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Film Review - Enjoy Your Meal: How Food Changes the World

By Email author - Thu, 26 May 2011 14:11:00 GMT
Film Review - Enjoy Your Meal: How Food Changes the World

A review of the film, 'Enjoy Your Meal: How Food Changes the World,' which will be shown at this year's Projecting Change festival on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

The production of food has dramatically changed the world that we live in. So much so in fact, that now what we choose to eat is becoming a matter for our conscience to decide. In the past we made choices merely based on taste, or on how much money we had in our wallets.

Eventually, we started making choices based on nutritional value as well. With the way that big agricultural multinationals produce food in a factory setting, consumers must now consider another factor. Namely, we have to make food choices based on ethics.

Factory fish farms are breeding monoculture, polluting the environment and increasing the risk of catastrophic disease wiping out a species.

The world's rainforests are being cut down to make pastures for cattle to graze.

Scientific laboratories are modifying the genetic structure of plants to make them more desirable in one specific niche.

However doing so often has unintended consequences.

How we act as conscientious consumers is becoming more difficult as we now have to factor in taste, cost, nutritional value (in other words if the food is healthy for us) and now we also need to consider how the food was produced.

After viewing the film, the audience will have a chance to speak with executive Chef Robert Clark from C Restaurant.

Chef Clark's more than 30 years of experience and his training with a number of top Canadian Chefs have given him a unique perspective on food.

Chef Clark is now in charge of culinary operations for C Restaurant, NU Restaurant & Grill and Raincity Grill. ''As chefs, our job is not only about serving great tasting food, but encouraging our staff and our guests to learn how to get sustainably produced food to the table.''

As such, Chef Clark ensures that only these products are used in his establishments. Part of this effort includes his collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium to create the Ocean Wise program.

The Ocean Wise label on a menu ensures that the seafood was produced using environmentally friendly practices.

Details of the film on the ENJOY YOUR MEAL - HOW FOOD CHANGES THE WORLD site.