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Eco-Friendly ways to beat the heat

By Email author - Thu, 25 Aug 2011 20:30:00 GMT
Eco-Friendly ways to beat the heat

Here are some excellent Eco-conscious ways you can cool down and beat the intense summer heat. First, if you haven't already done so, switch to CFL bulbs throughout your home. They emit less heat than traditional bulbs and consume from 70-75 percent less energy.

Also, eliminate the idle emission of heat that comes from appliances by connecting all of your appliances to one power strip that can be easily switched on and off when not in use. You can make one for each room where you have an abundance of appliances.

In addition, try not to use your oven! If you must, turn it off five minutes before the food is done and allow it to finish cooking slowly with the heat that has already been generated.

Organic, breathable fabrics will draw moisture away from your body, so consider these for your clothing and for your bedding. Keep the effects of the sun to a minimum by closing the blinds and shades during peak periods of sunlight.

You can also plant trees or bushes in front of maximum light windows to keep out the scorching daytime heat. Even the best windows will let in heat, so keep them closed or only open two large windows that actually allow for a cross-breeze. You might also considering putting a fan in each of these windows.


Image Credit: Sunblinds © Kashak

When it comes to cooling down with food, try these tips: Homemade popsicles made with organic ingredients are a great way to stay refreshed. Silicone and stainless steel molds are the best choices. Fruits with lots of water are especially hydrating as well. If you know of a shady park nearby, pack a picnic basket and take refuge in the shade. Last but not least—remember to drink lots of water!

Also considering feeding your brain, reducing consumerism and keeping cool during the summer months by visiting your local library where you can enjoy a favorite book or surf the Internet for free. Also, when it comes to staying fit, consider visiting a public pool, or simply get some exercise by walking in the mall.

Top Image Credit: © Brailean

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