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Eco-Friendly Back to School Projects

By Email author - Tue, 20 Sep 2011 05:37:00 GMT
Eco-Friendly Back to School Projects

The buying frenzy that often takes place during back to school days can quickly counteract many other honest efforts to lead an Eco-Friendly lifestyle.

Here's how to put a green spin on the start to your child's school year with a little creativity and some initiative, you can help teach children how to stay healthy by respecting the planet, setting them up for success throughout the school year and later in life.

First, consider how your child gets to school. Is it possible to walk or ride a bike instead of driving or riding the bus? If so, consider making this a part of your morning routine at least three times a week or whenever the weather permits.

Not only will walking or biking to school make exercise a natural part of the day, but it will also increase blood flow to your child's brain before class, which will enhance his or her ability to concentrate.

When packing school lunches for your child, be sure to purchase reusable sandwich containers as opposed to plastic baggies and opt to include organic fruits, veggies and juices whenever possible.

To bring the food to table cycle into total perspective, plant a garden at the beginning of summer and enlist the help of your child in tending to the plants.

This way, when harvest time comes and school starts, it will be fun and exciting to pack items for lunch that were grown in your home garden!

When purchasing clothes and other accessories to help your child head back to school, opt for scouring the secondhand stores whenever possible.

Kids love to hunt for hidden treasure, which is essectially what any trip to the thrift store can become. This practice will show your children how to reuse items that are discarded by another, which is an important lesson for those interested in the new, green economy.

Back to school time often means additional laundry to do, which can significantly increase your carbon footprint. To help combat this, install a line so you can hang clothes out to dry whenever the weather permits.

Also, opt for Eco-Friendly detergents that do not contain harmful chemicals and will not compromise the ground water when they are released into the environment.

Teaching your children how to respect the environment when preparing to head back to school will encourage positive change in the community and in your pocketbook.

Top Image Credit: © Sandralise

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