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Help end single-use with ChicoBag Reusable Bags

By Email author - Mon, 16 May 2011 02:10:01 GMT
Help end single-use with ChicoBag Reusable Bags

The ChicoBag Company is dedicated to reducing the popularity of single-use disposable paper and plastic bags and produces reusable alternatives that are durable, tasteful and serve a variety of functions.

Throwaway or disposable bags are responsible for much of the litter we see along our streets and roadways and disposable plastic bags can even be found in our oceans; they are often a predominant item found in landfills too.

The ChicoBag is a smart alternative to single-use bags. Small enough to fit in your pocket and with features that allow it to be clipped almost anywhere, the bags are also made using recycled materials. Products sporting the rePETe logo bring the ChicoBag Company a little closer to providing consumers with a total solution that will eventually help to eliminate single-use bags.

The ChicoBag company has also instituted a number of environmental programs within its own business practices, including a zero-waste program that actively repurposes and recycles a wide variety of brands and types of reusable bags that are at the end of their current lifecycle.

In addition, ChicoBag is a Participating Company with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and repurposes all scrap materials. In an effort to reduce the more than 130 pounds of waste that the average American contributes to landfills each month, ChicoBag requires each employee to sort his or her personal waste and composts food items to be used by local community supported agricultural organizations.

Today, ChicoBag manufactures a wide variety of products, including the original ChicoBag and rePETe options, as well as duffel bags, water bottle slings, messenger bags, daypacks for men and women that are ideal for camping and hiking excursions. Other items include a produce stand kit and portable shopping cart, making it a breeze to replace all single-use shopping bags with a reusable counterpart. All ChicoBag products come in a variety of colors and prints and are machine washable and designed for long-term use.

For more information or to make a purchase, please visit ChicoBag.