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Avalon Organics: Care for skin, hair, body & baby

By Email author - Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:20:00 GMT
Avalon Organics: Care for skin, hair, body & baby

Image Credit: Avalon Organics © Hain Celestial Group, Inc

Avalon Organics strives to create conscious-infused cosmetics that are natural, safe, pro-organic and free from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens and sulfates. These principles permeate everything at Avalon Organics, which reflects their dedication to delivering an unprecedented range of new products that are pure and safe for both your body and the environment.

This company takes its greatest cues from the skin itself-our delicate shield of protection and the largest organ in the body. What goes on the skin is absorbed directly into the body and so all Avalon Organics items are designed to be inherently clean, pure, natural and organic. Avalon Organics products are made from essential natural ingredients and are safe for sensitive skin.

Avalon Organics products

Image Credit: Avalon Organics © Hain Celestial Group, Inc

Avalon Organics follows five distinct elements that uphold its vision of consciousness in cosmetics and they are: Purity and Safety, Products that Work, Sensuality, Personal Choice and Sustainability. Their Bath & Body line is completely free of Parabens, which are a commonly used category of body care preservatives. This initiative has been commended by The Breast Cancer Fund. All Avalon Organics products are free from toxic synthetic preservatives, formaldehyde donors, petroleum-based ingredients and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Sustainability is key at Avalon, which is committed to organic agriculture as it embodies the highest standard of sustainability, ensuring benefits to the land, the farmers, the environment and its customers. The certified organic botanicals and oils in Avalon products help promote measurable expansion in organic cultivation.

Avalon organics facial scrub

Image Credit: Avalon Organics © Hain Celestial Group, Inc

In addition to being Eco-friendly, Avalon Organics also makes sure that their products achieve the desired beauty benefits that modern consumers are looking for. These products deliver their promise with the use of innovative ingredients and science-based nutrients that are sure to make you look and feel fabulous.

Avalon Organics products are also free of animal-based products, honoring the individual dietary needs and choices of their customers. Sensitivities including allergies are taken into consideration so that products can be truly enjoyed free of synthetic fragrances, rough irritants and other ingredients which may cause allergic sensitivities.

For more information, please visit Avalon Organics online.

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