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Anna Sova offers a little green living luxury

By Email author - Mon, 27 Jun 2011 09:30:00 GMT
Anna Sova offers a little green living luxury

Anna Sova Luxury Organics has created a wonderful and sumptuous range of eco-silk, organic cotton and specially hand woven home linens for your bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Anna believes very strongly in the green ethic and this comes through in all her products: "If Americans become part of a global movement to improve the environment, we could save our planet. As consumers of 60 per cent of the world's goods, we can change the world with our purchases".

The range of organic cotton linen created by Anna Sova has been eco-certified.

This means the cotton has been grown without any toxic fertilisers or petrochemical pesticides and that no formaldehyde or dioxin bleaches have been used in the production process.

So you can be assured about the green credentials of what you are choosing to buy.

This gorgeous line of home products allows you to enjoy a little bit of luxury without having to compromise on any of your eco-values.

They have chosen some of the most eco-friendly materials that are available to create their products, including nomadically-herded alpaca wool from Peru.

In addition, the processing of materials has been undertaken in an environmentally-friendly way so any colouring needed is done only with eco-safe bleaches and dyes.

Anna Sova has also created a range of home eco paints which are good enough to eat. The traditional paints used in our homes tend to have heaps of chemicals and toxins in them which can be released into the air over time.

This Healthy Wall Finish collection of interior paints are made with nearly 99 per cent food grade ingredients. "In fact," says Anna Sova, "this new wall finish is so environmentally safe that leftovers can be dumped into the garden compost heap without damaging the soil".

You can have a look at this lavish range of eco-luxury home furnishings at anna sova.

Top Image Credit: Copyright © Anna Sova Luxury Organics