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Michelle Obama's spring planting revealed

By Andy Tillett - 22 Mar 2011 16:10:0 GMT
Michelle Obama's spring planting revealed

A video of Michelle Obama kicking off the spring planting season at The White House has been released.

The US First Lady teamed with pupils from the local Bancroft and Tubman elementary schools in Washington DC last week (16.03.11) for the third Planting of the White House Kitchen Garden.

Thanking them for helping her, she says in the video: ''This is exciting for all of us, because this is planting season for The White House garden and we're excited to have all of you here.''

''We rely on you all so much to get all this done because look how much we have to plant, there's no way we'd get all this done without your help.''

Video Credit: The White House.

The planting saw the team sow seeds for cauliflowers, spinach, cabbage, kale, peas, beetroots, Swiss chard and leeks.

When mentioning the beetroot, Michelle quipped: ''Uh oh the president doesn't like beets, but it's ok, we're an equal opportunity garden!''

After inviting the children back to try the fruits of their labour once they have grown, Michelle encouraged the children to pass on the message to friends and family, as part of her 'Let's Move!' campaign.

She added: ''You guys are helping do something which is really important to me, which is 'Let's Move!', which is about getting you guys off to a good start.

''There are a lot of kids who don't get the opportunity to go and plant things at the White House. You've got to pass the message on.''