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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas that are Easy on the Planet

By Kirsten E. Silven - 24 Dec 2010 13:57:5 GMT
Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas that are Easy on the Planet

Many people make changes in their lives after reading about climate change and learning about how your carbon footprint affects the future of the entire planet. In reality, it is often the little changes that each person makes which really help to protect the environment.

During the holidays it can be easy to neglect such global concerns, and many of us wind up buying all sorts of presents that have been made using toxic chemicals and lavish packaging. If you wish to retain an eco-friendly outlook during this festive time period, why not choose to purchase some of the following eco-friendly gifts ideas instead:

Organic skin care products make great presents for female friends and family. Opt for organic products that use ingredients like honey, essential oils, Aloe Vera and cocoa butter. These are kinder to the planet, since they are not created using toxic chemicals, and the packaging is also typically made from recycled bio plastics, which are biodegradable. Thankfully, today there are a number of products to choose from that are sure to suit any budget, including scrumptious lip balms and luxurious body creams.

Cosmetics are always a welcome gift. Unfortunately there are many toxic ingredients that are still used in the manufacturing process of most cosmetics. The availability of natural cosmetics is increasing, however, thanks to the law of supply and demand. As a result, shoppers will find some wonderful eye colors, cheek tints and lipsticks now available for purchase. They are great for your skin andkind to the planet, thanks in part to efforts at reducing the levels of fossil fuels that are used in making the products.

Eco-friendly gift baskets make a wonderful gift option with a personal touch. Making an eco-friendly gift basket can be a positive way to introduce fine, organic and locally produced foods that are produced by eco conscious farmers and manufacturers. Get creative and feel free to add any types of products you think the receiver would like.

Paper goods seem to sell well over the holidays. New diaries are started in the New Year, and many thank you letters are sent to show appreciation for thoughtful gifts that were given. Recycled paper products are readily available and come in all sorts of gorgeous designs. Surprisingly, one popular paper material is made from elephant dung that has been turned into a lovely range of diaries, organizers and notebooks, which make unusual yet highly useful gifts.

Recycled products created by fair trade workers are offered for sale by many charitable organizations. The range of goods is very diverse; from food products, to clothing, and a wide range of accessories. All of the products are made by hand in areas of poverty. The money raised by the sales ensures that workers are paid well for their labor and serves to help them enjoy a better quality of life. In addition, all of the items are typically made from recycled and/or natural sustainable materials.

Organic and recycled gifts can be luxurious and are typically well received by the recipients. There are many options available, and chances are that friends and family will be encouraged to adapt to using more eco friendly products when they learn how diverse and well produced these goods can be.