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Annie Lennox's international delivery

By Andy Tillett - 18 Mar 2011 14:31:2 GMT
Annie Lennox's international delivery

Annie Lennox has become an international postman for charity.

The 'Sweet Dreams' singer had already delivered letters from Scottish schoolchildren to pupils in Malawi as part of her work with charity Mary's Meals and this week returned with replies from the African nation.

Annie, 56, brought the letters from Phuti school in Lilongwe to primary school St Mirin's in Glasgow, and was met by excited children eager to see their replies.

Annie said: ''The letter exchange between Phuti and St Mirin's is a wonderful example of how we can foster life-enhancing relationships between children living in very contrasting circumstances across the globe.''

The exchange was part of a project which saw Annie help in serving the African children with nutritious maize porridge, called likuni phala, to encourage them to attend class and ensure they receive enough nutrition. In many cases the porridge is the only food they get to eat in a day.

Annie added: ''Mary's Meals is making a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in Malawi.

''The cup of porridge the charity supplies not only encourages children to attend school, it also provides enough nutrition to help them focus in class. I was encouraged and impressed by what I saw there.''

The school's head teacher, Anne McFadden, added: ''There was great excitement at St Mirin's when we received photographs of the Presiding Officer and Annie in Malawi with the pupils of Phuti School, reading the letters from our pupils.

''The pupils were desperate to meet them to hear more about their visit and to receive the replies.''

Mary's Meals also set up World Porridge Day to provide food for Africa.