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Celebrate the power of wind with Global Wind Day

By Lucy Brake - 15 Jun 2011 5:39:0 GMT
Celebrate the power of wind with Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day is an interational event, observed every year on 15 June, and is designed to encourage people to think more about the potential that wind energy holds for changing the way the world is powered.

The very first Global Wind Day was held in 2007 in Europe. This year's event is co-ordinated by the European Wind Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council through a whole host of partners spread all over the world with thousands of public events.

The focus of the day is to provide the public with an opportunity to visit wind farms and see how wind energy is generated and for wind power experts to help educate people on the power of the wind. In the United Kingdom, the 2011 events are hosted by Renewable UK, which is the UK's leading renewable energy association.

One of the benefits of wind power is that it emits no greenhouses gases or pollution. There are some emissions created by the construction of wind farms, but wind power essentially produces electricity without using any fuel and using only a natural and renewable resources. Neither does it require the water that is needed for cooling which many other technologies that generate electricity rely on.

Today there are wind farms in operation in more than 75 countries, which generate renewable energy delivering power to millions of people. Wind energy is the fastest expanding sector in Europe, helping to reduce countries reliance on fuel imports. As oil and gas prices increase, the need to find alternative sources of energy that are renewable becomes more urgent.

Celebrate Global Wind Day in your local area; check out what is happening near you through the Global Wind Day Events 2011 webpage.

Top Image Credit: © TebNad