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Do you have an environmental story, experience or eco-friendly product or service to share with our readers?

Would you like to have your story published and appear in one of the The Earth Times Green Blogs?

The Earth Times is an online environmental newspaper, agency and resource for 'green' issues. The possibility of publication on one of the sites Green Blogs is open to everyone - individuals, groups, charities and organisations alike. If you have an article relating to the environment, (in any respect), please send it to us for editorial review and possible publication.

Once accepted your article will be published on The Earth Times in the appropriate Blog category.

Requirements / Terms:
  • Articles can be on any green related topic, product, service or subject
  • Articles should be a minimum of 300 words
  • Articles should be unique (not published elsewhere)
  • Articles may be sent with your own images (otherwise an image will be assigned by an editor)
  • If you become a frequent contributor you will be assigned your own online upload area
  • Authors will receive full attribution for their work
  • Articles will feature on The Earth Times homepage
  • Please note that all articles submitted go through a formal editorial review process
  • We do not work with by-lines and an author biography plus contact details (Email address) are required
  • Please note that articles submitted may be subject to an editorial fee
  • If you require on of our journalists or writers to cover and create a story for you, please Email the editor via
  • For more information or to send your articles to us, please email:

    Thank you for contributing to The Earth Times.