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US Carvers Creek State wildlife park continues to expand

By John Dean - 12 Jan 2011 10:30:2 GMT
US Carvers Creek State wildlife park continues to expand

A collaboration between conservationists and the Military has led to the expansion of an American park being managed for tourism and wildlife.

International conservation organisation The Nature Conservancy has recently transferred almost 3,000 acres of land in Harnett and Cumberland counties to help Carvers Creek State Park continue to grow. That takes to 4,181 acres the amount of land protected by the organisation in the two counties.

Carvers Creek State Park was created by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2005 with the largest part of it lying close to US military base Fort Bragg.

Ryan Elting, the Conservancy's Sandhills Program Director, said preserving the site was important. He said: “It contains extensive mature longleaf pine forest and valuable habitat for wildlife including red-cockaded woodpeckers.

“And it's also important for the military, protecting Fort Bragg from incompatible development, which ensures that the military can maintain its training mission.”

Image courtesy of Window on the Woodlands