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Remember November? it was HOT

By Colin Ricketts - 18 Dec 2013 8:0:0 GMT
Remember November? it was HOT

Coral reefs such as these spectacles in Grand Cayman seem to be severely affected by warming temperatures. Even the deep ocean is now being affected and acidification also increases the loss of coral; Reef-building image; Credit: © Shutterstock

Spain had a cool November last month, but it stands out like a sore thumb. Russia, for example had its warmest November for 122 years while most other regions, such as Central America or southern India, were also warmer. We are going to have to report all of these global warming figures to those political leaders who have ignored them so far. Many don't realise just what kind of job they are doing, while they pollute our atmosphere with fossil fuels. Where is their often-lauded education? What are their reasoning powers? Can they join the dots any better than George W Bush?

The prestigious US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are often used to scientifically disentangle arguments about climate. They have carefully told us all about the precariously-low Arctic ice extent, and their regular reports on international weather naturally cover the earth's major oceans and almost all of its weather. This November, they have a lot to tell along with every other meteorological organisation on the planet.

For 134 years, no November has been hotter over the earth's whole surface. For fully 37 years, the 20th century average has been exceeded in this critical month. The northern hemisphere is approaching the full blast of winter, while in the south, obviously things are getting hotter than normal, regularly providing doses of drought and flood for Australia and the highest-energy typhoons known in the Philippines.

To contrast a little with the cold Spanish population, Austrians had their wettest November in the decade while Alaska was even wetter, according to its own records. Many will already be aware that Texas and California had terrible droughts in the topsy-turvy world of global warming. One surprise was the November reports of the large extent of Antarctic sea ice (biggest area formed since 1979 at least), compared to the Arctic Ocean in the spring.

Just what are the causes and effects of these warming warnings? Is there anyone who does not honestly believe that greenhouse gases are related - and that more severe weather effects are now taking place. The cause and effects are becoming better and better known, and experienced by more and more people. Maybe this November can me a difference for a change, with just a little "hindsight".

NOAA have a useful map published in Climate Anomalies and Events