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COP19 descends to walk-outs

By Colin Ricketts - 21 Nov 2013 10:16:0 GMT
COP19 descends to walk-outs

All of the countries currently planning more pollution have to be made aware that they know exactly what they are doing. Blaming the past is never going to work. We have to rise above petty people and involve the whole earth in strategy to save us from such flooding, drought and destruction; Warming image; Credit: © Shutterstock

With Australia getting most of the flac, Warsaw has another battle on its hands. COP19 is the UN's FCCC Climate Change Conference, which began on a bad note as the host nation geared up for more coal-powered economics. Many poorer nations, as well as India and China, of course, seem committed to the most polluting of fuels to power their way forward.

On the other hand, the end of this crazy conference seems destined to be even worse as many nations back out of the door because others won't pay them for climate change! The whole deal would be to agree on some measures to prevent further global warming. This is not going to happen, as the rich want to stay that way, while nations of every type of economy seem willing to continue with increasing carbon dioxide emissions despite the obvious result.

Compromise within the short time left will also be impossible as the 132 countries within the G77 group and China have walked out of the conference (for three hours.) The Climate Action Network was particularly unhappy with Australia, who had no minister representing their conservative government and, according to one lady, were eating and dressing inappropriately. The cultural differences seem to be adding to the intellectual ones.

What progress can be made possibly depends on the UN organisers and Connie Hedegaard, the EU climate commissioner, who oiled the works a little with, "The whole financing discussion reflects that the developed world knows it has special responsibility. Most of what has been emitted has been done by us."

She won't get much support for that position, unless some undeveloped countries and China stop emitting as much as they can. Broad participation has been mentioned as part of the agreements that need to be made. Developed countries though have been known to use "competitiveness" as a weapon with which to explain their unwillingness to change.

We did have a go at these wonderful climate people before in The Players on the Warsaw Pitch, so I must apologise for causing any offence. The apology should come from the polluters, of course!