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WindMade of change in new business certification

By Colin Ricketts - 15 Jun 2011 15:27:0 GMT
WindMade of change in new business certification

WWF has backed a new label for businesses that use substantial amounts of wind power to allow consumers to make better informed green choices.

WindMade™ was launched in New York City today, which is Global Wind Day. In order to qualify for the certificating, companies will need to find at least a quarter of their energy from wind power.

"We believe that the label will build a bridge between consumers and companies committed to clean energy," said Steve Sawyer, Chairman of the WindMade™ Board and Secretary General of GWEC.

"I firmly believe that today's launch is the beginning of a movement that will make a real difference to investments in wind power around the world", said WindMade's™ newly appointed CEO Henrik Kuffner.

The standard has been through extensive consultation already, with environmental organisations and companies having their say on what is achievable, reasonable and will have a real impact on the environment.

"WWF was deeply involved in developing the WindMade™ standard. We believe that the criteria as proposed today live up to the high standards necessary for the label to serve consumers' desire to make tangible impact and boost clean renewables," said Samantha Smith, Leader Global Climate and Energy Initiative, WWF.

"Market-driven solutions like WindMade will increase voluntary purchasing of renewable energy, and complement the national and state standards that create the market," said Elizabeth Salerno, Chief Economist for AWEA, and a member of the Technical Committee.

Companies can start to use the certification from September this year, with a standard for products planned to follow.

Link: WindMade

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