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Seriously shining green light on New York traders

By Colin Ricketts - 03 Oct 2011 17:20:0 GMT
Seriously shining green light on New York traders

One of New York's iconic buildings, and one which isn't often in the green movement's good books, has been given an environmental make over in the shape of new energy efficient windows.

The New York Stock Exchange is over a century old and designated by the US Government as a National Historic Landmark and thanks to Serious Energy it's got new windows which claim to make it greener and more comfortable for staff inside.

SeriousGlass - part of the Serious Energy Group - says the windows, which have been approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission which safeguards national landmarks, will improve the building's thermal performance by 60% and reduce the solar heat gain by 40%.

The technology has already had a test at one of the city's other landmarks, the Empire State Building which has 6,514 windows, all of which were replaced as part of an energy efficiency drive.

Duncan Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer of NYSE Euronext said that the stock exchange was committed to a green future, adding: "The new high R-value glass system provided by Serious Energy above the trading floor will improve our energy efficiency and provide another example of our commitment to sustainable operations."

Serious Energy is understandably delighted with the project. Ian Sullivan, of the windows division of the company says companies are coming to appreciate how much energy is lost through glass.

Kevin Surace, CEO, Serious Energy, Inc said: "It is estimated that 75 percent of New York City's carbon emissions stem from energy used in buildings."

With traders at the exchange staring at hundreds of electronic screens, getting the lighting levels right was also vital to the job.

Top Image: New York Stock Exchange

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