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Order placed for 'green' aero engine

By John Dean - 15 Dec 2010 14:0:0 GMT
Order placed for 'green' aero engine

Image © Tyler Olson

Airline Deutsche Lufthansa has placed a $300 million order with a US-European manufacturer for an aero engine that reduces carbon emissions.

The German airline has chosen the CFM56-5B to power 21 Airbus A320 and two Airbus A321 aircraft, attracted by improvements in the engine's operating performances. CFM International is a joint company between American firm GE and European company Snecma.

The aircraft involved in the new deal will be operated by Lufthansa Airlines and Swiss International and are scheduled for delivery from 2013 through to late 2014.

In recent years, Lufthansa has been one of the industry's strongest supporters of 'green" technology that reduces the impact of aviation on the environment, particularly noise and emissions.

The CFM56-5B engines fits the bill because CFM uses improvements to the high-pressure compressor, the combustor, and the high- and low-pressure turbines to provide operators with up to a one per cent improvement in fuel consumption. This means better fuel burn and, as a result, lower carbon emissions.