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Businesses cut levels of flying

By John Dean - 07 Mar 2011 16:30:1 GMT
Businesses cut levels of flying

Research published by global environmental pressure group WWF suggests that the recession has led increasing numbers of business to reduce the amount of time their staff spend flying.

Nearly half of those surveyed said that they had cut business flights over the past two years and 85% of them didn't intend to return to previous levels.

The report, Moving on: why flying less means more for business, found that nearly all companies who have reduced their flying say they can stay profitable and competitive while flying less.

The report showed that:

· 47% of companies have reduced the number of business flights in the past two years

· 86% of companies are either reducing their carbon footprint from business travel or intend to do so

· 63% of companies have a policy in place to reduce business flights, or are intending to develop one

- 87% of companies surveyed increasing the use of audio-conferencing, with video and web-conferencing use increased by 75% and 63% respectively.

Businesses surveyed said the main benefits were cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.

David Norman, WWF-UK Director of Campaigns, said: ''Even as business picks up after the recession, companies are holding on to the gains they made by cutting flights during the downturn. Many have found that cutting business flights can be both good for the planet and good for business. Businesses get it - they can fly less and still be profitable and competitive.''