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Out of Africa: Green Code to ensure the sustainability of buildings

By John Dean - 03 Dec 2010 18:33:0 GMT
Out of Africa: Green Code to ensure the sustainability of buildings

Experts from the North East of England are helping to develop a Green Code to ensure the sustainability of buildings in Egypt.

Northumbria University's Sustainable Cities Research Institute is working with the Housing and Building National Research Centre in Cairo to develop the ratings system.

The Green Pyramid Rating System will measure the sustainability of buildings using indicators including carbon use, indoor air quality, heat loss and materials.

Professor Dave Greenwood, Associate Dean (Research) in the School of the Built and Natural Environment and Director of the Sustainable Cities Research Institute, said: "Winning the contract to help develop Egypt's sustainability rating system is a real coup for the University and is very impactful. Not only will it become that country's standard rating system but other Arab League countries could adopt the same standard."

In addition, a separate model has been developed to assist architects and other consultants with the issue of sustainable design in Egypt, based on work by award-winning international architectural practice Devereux Architects, who have been collaborating with Northumbria.

Professor Greenwood said: "A key challenge for architects across the world is to ensure that buildings designed now and in the future are the most energy-efficient while still meeting the needs of the people who occupy them."

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