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350 Media

350 Media is an environmentally focused media agency who handle advertising and sponsorship opportunities on Earth Times.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Earth Times environment related coverage and categories includes: Clean tech, electric and hybrid vehicles, renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, biofuels, wave and tidal etc), conservation, nature, health, business, b2b, climate, politics, pollution, science, technology, going green, green living, sustainable fashion, sustainable tourism, green gadgets and eco-friendly products and services.

Sponsorship Options Include:

Banner advertising

Banner ad sizes available: 728x90 leaderboard (ATF) / 300x250 (ATF) / 125x125 ATF

728x90 example :

300x250 example :

Other banner sizes available:

Rectangle up to 300x125, small boxes up to 125x125

All banner sponsorship options can be targeted to meet your requirements; whether site-wide, individual categories or specific pages.

Any banner campaign can be geographically targeted if required and all are in prime positions above the fold. Banner sponsorship is available as either CPM or tenancy.

Sponsored Text Links

A limited number of text links are available on the sidebar and directly below the main content on each article page. These links also appear on the homepage and are available on a monthly tenancy basis.

Each link has an individual image, title and description. Both title and image are hyperlinks.

Please note that text links will have a no follow attribute tag.

Showcase Your Eco-Friendly Products and Services:
  • Exposure: The Earth Times attracts over 100,000 unique visitors per month
  • Targeted: The Earth Times is focused on environmental news and issues
  • Brand safe: The Earth Times only publishes edited, unique and quality content
  • Showcase: A great platform to promote your eco-friendly business, products or services
  • Social Media: Earth Times has a growing number of active followers Earth Times is on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter, twice! (see below)
Sponsored Green Tweets:

Sponsored Tweets will appear on two accounts: @earthtimes and @earth_times.

Bespoke Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you would like to discus bespoke sponsorship possibilities, please email your requirements to 350 Media and us directly.